Collaboration between all FOR 2438 members
Z Project

This project aims for a central analysis and data storage focussing on two commonly used mouse models of colon cancer across all participating projects. As the individual projects will genetically target different cellular subsets of the tumor microenvironment, a comprehensive standardized analysis of all components of the tumor stroma at defined time points will yield an unprecedented data set that will allow to draw conclusions how the different components of the tumor and the tumor stroma influence each other. In addition to the data obtained within the eight projects there will be extended data input by already existing data that were obtained in these models in previous studies funded by other sources. Systematic collection of such data sets will then allow for example correlative analysis of microbiome composition, RNA expression and stromal cell characterization at various time points of a tumor model during early and late stages of tumorigenesis. A comparable approach has not been attempted before and can only be achieved within a consortium such as this.

All research activities of the Research Unit will be integrated into a translational-oriented validation approach adjusted to the generation of clinically useful parameters for the determination of prognosis and treatment responses of patients with colorectal cancer.